Save Gas, Money and Mother Earth

Many people have been talking endlessly about the prices of gasoline shooting up.  Environmentalists have not let up on the global warming problems either. Both issues are urgent.  With the prices of gasoline rising, the less money we have to spend for other important needs.  This also limits our traveling activities.  With global warming causing many natural disasters (El Nino, is an example), the less longer the human race has a chance of surviving.

This is why I want to share with you a product I have come across that increases the mileage of our cars.  With more miles to run, the more we are able to save money.  The product is called mpg caps.  What the capsule does is it enhances the efficiency of gasoline-powered motors during combustion.  By doing so, it not only makes the car run smoother but also lessens hazardous emissions by around 75%.

Think about it.  We need to lessen the problem of global warming yet we simply cannot live the lifestyle we have gotten so used to by not using gasoline-powered vehicles. It’s like a no-win situation.  However, we can at least lessen the pollution we create with these mpg caps.

The more vehicles running with mpg caps, the better chances we have of prolonging our planet’s life.


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Child Stress from Parents


I like the school that my daughter goes to.  They send parenting tips every now and then which are very valuable to me.  Last Friday, they sent a page about how to prevent child stress.  Since my Savina is prone to eczema when she is stressed, I immediately got immersed in the article. Because I don’t have enough time today, I will just share with you the tip that hit me most.

For a long time, I’ve been so used to telling my kids two things.  When they’re so worked up on something like who gets to brush their teeth first or who gets the red rings from the Fruit Loops, my standard line is “It’s no big deal!” When my child commits a mistake on something very shallow like spilling her glass of milk, my usual comment is “Don’t you know how to be careful?”

I was not aware that by saying these things I was hurting my children and bringing stress into their lives.  I didn’t know that I was putting my kids down when I want to ignore their “petty fights.” When I say “it’s no big deal,” my motive is just to avoid stress in my life but I didn’t know that I was transferring the stress to my children. However, shallow issues can be a really serious thing for them and not paying attention shows that we do not respect our kids. Belittling the great issues in their world makes it even harder for them to handle the situation and it is our duty as parents to teach them what to do in small things so that they can be ready for reality when they are all grown up. For those of you who used to say the same line to your kids, we’d better stop it.  We are not earning their respect plus we make them develop poor self esteem this way.

When I get frustrated over the small mistakes that my kids make, I couldn’t help but feel down because I usually expect more from them.  My way of thinking is that “I’m already tired.  Why can’t you kids think just a little more before you act so that you don’t have to make errors that I have to correct or take time to clean up.” This is usually summed up into shorter sentences like “Why can’t you be more careful? “ or “Didn’t you think?” or “Don’t you know that it’s wrong to do it this way?”  However, the article made me realize that saying these was not helping my kids understand what was wrong.  I expected them to know what they did incorrectly but that does not mean that they understood it well.  When we belittle their capabilities, again, we are putting them down and making them develop poor self-esteem.

Poor self-esteem makes them incapable of handling situations and this can cause a lot of stress for a child.  We are their parents and we are supposed to be their savior and go-to-person.  If they feel they cannot rely on us, they can get scared and not learn to solve their problems which can be very frustrating.

I guess the best way to lessen the stress we give to our children is to learn how to cope up with stress too.  If we know how to control our reactions to sources of pressure that can depress us or frustrate us, we can be able to address the concerns of our kids better.  If you want to learn how to fight stress in your life, there are some free ebooks in this link that you can try to read: self-improvement gifts. I also like meditating daily to relieve myself from the pressures of the day.  You might also want to try the meditation cds that have been such a great help to me.

I am trying my best to be aware of the things I blurt out to my kids right now.  That article was a wake up call.  I hope you learned from it too.

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Eczema Problems from Verbal Abuse

My children are the cutest kids on earth (I have the right to be subjective okay?) but they make me worry so much about their skin problems.  Eczema is such a troubling sickness for a child to have.  It is not only itchy but it can be so sore as well if it flares up.  I pity my kids whenever they get an attack.

 The problem is finding out the source. Eczema can be caused by dustmites, allergy to food, allergy to clothing material and stress. Yes!  Stress!  I noticed this with my eldest, Savina.

My Savina had been having flare ups since she was a baby.  Some of them may have been caused by allergies to certain textile and baby products.  As she grew older, I felt frustrated because I still couldn’t pinpoint what was causing all the eczema incidences.  It was a day at the pool that made me realize what was wrong.  She and her sisters were very excited about swimming and proved it so well by staying in the pool for more than four hours. I was afraid that her blisters from a then very serious flare up would worsen because the skin would definitely dry up even more.  What amazed me was that the blisters were still there but the redness and burning sensations were lessened.  I reported this to her pediatrician and they had a counselling session.  My thoughts wee confirmed. She had been too pressured with so much school work lately and it manifested through eczema. Worse, she had poor self-esteem.

My second daughter, Altine’s eczema results from allergy to chicken so it is much easier to handle.  Savina’s is tougher because it meant I had to know what were her cynical thoughts and try to convert these to positive ones.

I am still struggling in handling the situation with her.  I found out that I had been such a bully mom to her in the first years of her life and that’s why she had poor self-esteem. Actually I call it bullying but the truth is that whenever I saw her doing something wrong, I would say it in a way that hurt her feelings.  I did not realize I was verbally abusing my own child until it showed through eczema problems.

Anyway, I hopeyou guys out there who either have eczema or have kids who do have it are coping better than I am right now.

I have been researching quite a lot about eczema lately and here are some links that may help you understand it too.

Shirley’s Wellness Cafe 

Dead Sea Point 

Those are for my daughter, for myself, I have been reading a lot of the self-help books that I get by being a member of It all boils down to how I also handle stress so that I do not unintentionally verbally abuse my kids. I hope the links will help you too.

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I Want To Be Super Mommy!

I want to be super mommy! I just haven’t taken off yet. I don’t have enough cash to build my own planet Crypton yet.

I have come to realize that taking care of my family requires not only full attention but also a lot of money.  Many people would say that money should not be a factor in the happiness of a family but let’s face it!  It may not be the top most priority of every family but money does affect our lifestyle and the way we relate to each other. Our basic needs including shelter, clothes and food can all be met by money.  When your child has eczema, for example, treating the problem with creams does not solve it in a jiffy.  It takes a lot of effort to establish a regimen that may cost you quite an amount of cash and time just to ensure your child’s skin does not flare up.  Gasoline is also a very expensive commodity nowadays and you need it to get to places for your home needs. So how does one ever have enough money and time for all these things?


I think, one never really has enough money.  Even the rich people want more money and keep finding ways to get more of it. Anyway, as a mom who has to look after children and a husband who can be a little attention-demanding too, I figured that the only way to be able to stay at home to do what needs to be done is to earn passive income. 

                The trouble with the passive income scenario is that I got hooked up in a lot of internet marketing stuff that were not really scams but did not really pull through as I expected.  I know the proponents of these networking schemes have the best of financial opportunities in mind but …ummm, I guess most just do not work for me.

                One thing I realized that has often been said is that you can only succeed when your business truly interests you.  My interests are writing, parenting, singing (although not all are interested in this hobby of mine), wifely duties (not the chores  or course), self-improvement and earning money.  Among all the things I mentioned, all except singing can actually be met in one package of a passive income bundle.

                What do I mean?   have found someone who has been teaching me to improve myself and earn at the same time.  An added bonus is that I am able to help others too. Sounds like internet marketing?

                I will be honest with you that it is!  However, this is the first time that I have found fulfillment in it because I am able to do everything I want (except singing in front of you right now)!


                Since money is one of the most important factors to be able to have time to be a hands-on parent and hands-on wife too, I would really appreciate it if you would check out this link for self-improvement gifts that I want to share with you.

                It’s so hard to want to be super mom!  You have to think out of the box to be able to manage time and money well so that your kids and husband will all be happy. After all those internet marketing stuff I fell into, I am attempting to take off again and I hope you got interested enough to put on your own cape and ride the wind with me. If not, just watch me first!

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Hello world!

I want to be the greatest mom and wife that ever lived…well, at least for my family!  Who doesn’t want that?  I am not perfect but I want to be the best that I could be for the most important people of my life. There are so many things I could do but the best of my abilities are reserved for making my family and I happy.  You can expect a lot of reflections and tips on my blogs which I hope can help you become the best for your family too!

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